Big Ten Football Power Ratings Week 1



I didn’t get to see enough of Wisconsin, Indiana, and of course, Nebraska to form an opinion so I’ve left them off the list, but here’s my take after week 1.



  1. Ohio St. – The opponent wasn’t the best, but the Buckeyes took care of business while many other conference teams were struggling against supposed inferior opposition. The defense showed some holes, but the Buckeyes appear to have more overall talent than the rest of the conference.
  2. Michigan – I sure didn’t think that after one week I’d be submitting a #3 team by default (Wisconsin would be in the #2 spot but I’m omitting the Badgers this week because I didn’t get to see them play). Some of the ranked teams in this conference didn’t look so good. Michigan was one of those teams but I think the Wolves will be ok, providing they can maintain confidence amidst the criticism that’s bound to come for losing to yet another ranked team .Michigan slugged it out with a big time opponent so they’ve got that under their belt, and the new QB is better than what they’ve had in the past, if not the savior he was projected to be. Gotta be concerned about the O-Line, though.
  3. Penn St. – It became apparent pretty quick that I underestimated Appalachian St. But still, Penn St. seems to have dropped off significantly from last season. I don’t think they win this game without McSorley. And I think they win in regulation by a couple of TDs if Joe Moorhead was still the OC. But then, this is just one game so I won’t downgrade the Nittany Lions too much. We’ll have to see more.
  4. Northwestern – The Wildcats looked solid all around. History tells me they’ll turn in a head scratching loss here pretty quick, but for now, I’m impressed.
  5. Michigan St. – Yes, they have a lot of starters back. Good starters, not great. Well, maybe a couple potential great ones, but overall not as great as they’ve been told they are all off season.
  6. Iowa – Solid opening day performance from the Hawkeyes. The question mark coming in was the second level defense but the linebackers and secondary looked good enough in week one, anyway. The running game looked good, too.
  7. Purdue – The defense struggled in the first half, which makes sense, the Boilermakers lost a lot of defensive starters from last season. But they seemed to take a step forward in the second half so it appears there is a learning curve in place. Even going back to last season I’ve always preferred David Blough over Elijah Sindelar. But I don’t get a vote. Nor should I.
  8. Maryland – We’re right back where we were last year with this team. The Terrapins looked good and loaded with athletes in their week 1 upset of a ranked Texas team. Last season the injury bug hit and the Terps finished with a pedestrian record. I doubt there’ll be as many QB injuries as last season, but still, I don’t completely trust Maryland.
  9. Rutgers – Nice win for the Scarlet Knights. We’ll have to see how they do against tougher competition before I can move them any further up this list.
  10. Minnesota -. New Mexico St. isn’t the greatest opponent so I can’t move ‘em up the ladder just yet, but still, nice, convincing win for the Gophers.
  11. Illinois – The lights seemed to come on in the second half so maybe there’ll be improvement next Saturday, but this team looked bad in the first half.



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