Big Ten Football Power Ratings Week 2



I’ve now seen all of the teams play so this week’s list covers the whole conference.


  1. Ohio St. – last week 1The Buckeyes get their first real test this Saturday vs. TCU so we’ll get a better barometer, but as of now this team appears to be a step above most everyone else in the conference in terms of overall talent.
  2. Wisconsin – last week nrThe Badgers struggled early last Saturday but ended up winning big. This was my first good look at Wisconsin so I didn’t rate them last week. I’m putting them in the 2 spot mostly because they didn’t have the close call or loss that Michigan and Penn St. had in week 1. But at this point, all three of these teams could be interchanged between the 2-4 positions.
  3. Michigan – last week 2– No reason to move the Wolverines down after last Saturday, although it could be argued there’s reason to move Penn St. up.
  4. Penn St. – last week 3 – The Nittany Lions didn’t pull away until the second half, but put a pretty good thumping on a Pitt team that may not be considered great, but I wouldn’t say they’re a cupcake either.
  5. Iowa – last week 6It appears the defense won’t be a problem at all for the Hawkeyes this season. And the running game seems to be in good enough shape as well. I’m kinda waiting for the big THUD though. Never know when Iowa or Northwestern is going to turn in a head-scratching loss.
  6. Michigan St. – last week 5– I don’t think Michigan St. is as good as their preseason top 15 ranking would indicate, but they’re far from “lower tier” in this conference. ASU is no cupcake but probably is a team that a top 15 team should beat, but a road game starting at 9:45 central time was a tough task.
  7. Northwestern- last week 4– For the second season in a row, Northwestern lost to Duke. I still think the Wildcats are better than or at least comparable to the teams listed below.
  8. Maryland – last week 8Last season this team kind of faded into mediocrity after a similar start. But for now, the Terps look impressive.
  9. Indiana – last week nr– The Hoosiers got it going on so far. I wouldn’t consider Indiana “elite” in this conference, but I also wouldn’t consider them an easy out for any team.
  10. Purdue – last week 7– Based on the 0-2 record the Boilermakers deserve to be at the bottom of this list. But I could almost move them up a couple of spots from here. They’ll be all right but they’ll have to earn their victories. Too much (“Black and Gold Days”) showbiz in the offseason I think. A distraction like that makes everyone from the coach on down think they’re better than they actually are.
  11. Nebraska – last week nr– A decent debut last Saturday I think. The freshman QB looks to be something special. I’ll have to see more and some numbers in the “W” column to move them up from here though.
  12. Minnesota – last week 10 – There a few new teams that weren’t on the list last week that I have ahead of Minnesota, so I haven’t actually dropped the Gophers. In fact, I could almost move them up a spot from here. This team is looking much better than I anticipated.
  13. Rutgers – last week 9 – A road game vs. Ohio St. with a freshman QB is the toughest of tests. But still, I saw nothing to move the Scarlet Knights up any.
  14. Illinois – last week 11– The Illini are 2-0 so there’s something to be said for that. But so far, ranking the Illini last in this conference isn’t a tough decision.




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